Thesis Book Preview

I finally finished! Here is the book of visual development art I made for my undergraduate thesis that's coming up in two weeks... 0_0

It was a lot of work and time, but I feel great about it. Of course, once I get the physical book I'm sure I'll find a lot of things I wish I could change...

Full Glitz

I have a shameful fascination with those kid's pageant shows. I know it's awful, but I can't look away.

It's always weird when an infant wins. Literally the only thing they can do is just sit there.

Uploading pretty much destroyed the color...


These are all made out of the same 10 or so parts in illustrator.

Watkins' House

After exploring a lot, I finally got a result I'm happy with...

Hugh Hoff

Meet Hugh- A poor misguided goody-two-shoes who just wants to be friends, but ends up ruining everything...

Inside the Cave of Wonders

As much as I hate the Mac Store, I have to admit it is a good place to sketch. Everyone is too distracted by all the shiny things.